Aspiration and Identity

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Science's (RBHS) objectives are reflected in its aspiration and identify statements, each endorsed by a large majority of the faculty.


RBHS will be recognized as one of the best academic health centers in the United States, known for its education, research, clinical care, and commitment to improving access to health care and reducing health care disparities. This will be achieved through dedication to elevated standards of excellence and innovation, interprofessional collaboration and integration, and deep engagement with the community.


RBHS leads Rutgers’ efforts to be a state, national, and international leader in the biomedical and health sciences and their related professions. The approach incorporates insights from laboratory sciences and the clinical, behavioral, public health, and social sciences, as well as from non-health care disciplines, including business, economics, engineering, law, the arts, and the humanities. RBHS will advance population-based, value-driven health care by building on its recognized clinical and research excellence, engaging with local and global communities, taking advantage of and strengthening its uniquely diverse workforce, and realizing interprofessional synergies among its schools and institutes. Further, RBHS will strengthen its many professional ties with state and federal governments and foster new public-private partnerships with industries critical and vital to New Jersey's economy.