Potential Signature Program Working Group Analyses

Twenty of the RBHS strategic planning working groups formed in the spring 2014 focused on a potential RBHS signature area. These working groups submitted 19 reports (the nutrition working group and the obesity and diabetes working group submitted one joint report) in May 2014 that helped guide the RBHS Strategic Plan Steering Committee in its signature program recommendations. Reports included analyses of existing areas of strengths, gaps, potential impact, and likelihood for growth.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs [PDF]
Bioengineering [PDF]
Cancer [PDF]
Child Health [PDF]
Clinical Research [PDF]
Community and Urban Health [PDF]
Drug Development [PDF]
Environmental and Occupational Health [PDF]
Global Health [PDF]
Health Disparities [PDF]
Infection and Inflammation [PDF]
Informatics [PDF]
Mental Health [PDF]
Neuroscience [PDF]
Obesity, Diabetes, and Nutrition [PDF]
Public Health [PDF]
Quality and Safety [PDF]
Regenerative Medicine [PDF]
Women’s Health [PDF]